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Maximize the Value of IT Investments With Managed Services

By Krishna Kunapuli

April 5, 2023 - 4 min

Maximize the Value of IT Investments With Managed Services

As organizations look to achieve digital transformation through the adoption of new technologies, the biggest challenge they face is focusing the right people and resources on strategic initiatives. Given the growing complexity of the IT environment, in-house IT staff are often overwhelmed by day-to-day management tasks, making it difficult to complete projects on time and within budget. After new solutions are implemented, IT teams often struggle to manage them effectively and link IT operations with business processes.

A managed services provider (MSP) can help make the connection. An IDC survey found that enterprises utilizing managed services were able to streamline application implementation, increase operational efficiencies and ensure consistent service delivery across global markets. By focusing manpower on high-value projects, these organizations were able to add functionality to existing technologies while also supporting the transition to new technologies that could expand their reach into new markets.

In a 2022 Voice of the Enterprise survey by 451 Research, more than half of respondents said they have adopted some form of managed services. Almost half (47 percent) use managed services for day-to-day operational monitoring, alerting, and incident response, while 46 percent use managed backup and recovery. Another 45 percent rely on their MSP partner to keep their applications patched, up-to-date and secure.

Wide-Ranging Services

But while these are the most common use cases for managed services, they represent only a fraction of the value a qualified MSP can offer. As the technology environment and business needs evolve, a trusted MSP can play a more strategic role by optimizing the IT environment, streamlining operational workflows, and providing data and insight that helps improve decision-making.

In the 451 Research survey, organizations said they were using managed services to:

  • Optimize infrastructure for cost or performance (38 percent)
  • Migrate applications to cloud platforms and integrate with existing systems (37 percent)
  • Manage containers or container management systems (36 percent)
  • Implement and manage hybrid and multi-cloud deployments (31 percent)
  • Design, manage or enable DevOps tools and practices (27 percent)
  • These are just some of the managed services Rahi offers. Our comprehensive portfolio includes migrations and upgrades, software installations, asset management, and commissioning and decommissioning of equipment. We also provide cloud architecture design and setup, containerization, and cost and billing management.

    Through our audio/video practice, we offer A/V health checks, preventive maintenance, problem diagnosis and remediation, and event support. These services help ensure that vital communications platforms are operational and deliver a high-quality user experience.

    Flexible and Scalable

    Of course, we provide 24×7 remote monitoring and full-lifecycle support of IT assets using proven, ITIL-based processes. Our technology investments, Network Operations Center, and global presence ensure effective management of assets across the enterprise, with flexible and customized SLAs to meet your specific business requirements.

    Our expert engineers deliver these services remotely and through onsite and embedded support, and can scale up rapidly to meet changing business requirements. We take a program management approach, overseeing the entire environment and troubleshooting issues that arise at the intersection of technologies and services.

    The role of business technology is steadily evolving. Organizations are increasing their reliance on IT to enhance innovation and drive productivity. They are rolling out wave after wave of new applications to support remote and mobile workers. They are utilizing more cloud-based platforms in conjunction with in-house infrastructure.

    Best-in-class MSPs such as Rahi can play a vital role in this evolution by bringing experience and manpower to bear on high-priority initiatives. Contact us to discuss how we can address your day-to-day operational challenges and help you better leverage technology to seize new opportunities.


    • Krishna is a Network Solutions Architect and early enthusiast of software-defined networks. He has more than 15 years of consulting experience in designing and implementing IP networks with execution around the globe, including some landmark projects. He specializes in designing large networks with a high degree of programmability and self-service.

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